Top 100 Boys Names 2014

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The top 100 baby boys names from 2014. We are delighted to bring you a collection of the Top 100 Boys Names 2014 UK. This collection of names, origin and meanings comes straight from the national archives and represents the number of baby boys born and registered within England and Wales during 2014. We will keep these blogs available so that you can compare the naming trends and so the curious amongst us can look back at where our name ranked over the years. And for the younger audience where it ranked during the year of your birth.

1OLIVERLatinOlive tree.6949
2JACKAmericanA form of Jacob or John. Actors Jack Oakie and Jack Nicholson, golf champion Jack Nicklaus, and jazz musician Jack Teagarten share this name.6212
3HARRYEnglishA familiar form of Harold,Henry.See also Arrigo,Hale,Parry.5888
4JACOBHebrew"The supplanter".5126
5CHARLIEEnglishA familiar form of Charles.5039
6THOMASGreekTwin. Bible: one of the Twelve Apostles.4591
7OSCARScandinavianDivine spearman.4511
8WILLIAMEnglishA form of Wilhelm.4268
9JAMESHebrewSupplanter, substitute. Bible: James the Great and James the Less were two of the Twelve Apostles.4236
11ALFIEEnglishA familiar form of Alfred.4138
12JOSHUAHebrewGod is my salvation. Bible: led the Israelites into the Promised Land.3973
13NOAHHebrewPeaceful, restful. Bible: the patriarch who built the ark to survive the Flood.3830
14ETHANHebrewStrong; firm.3572
15MUHAMMADArabicPraised. History: the founder of the Islamic religion.3499
16ARCHIEEnglishA familiar form of Archer.3265
18HENRYGreekRuler of the household.3248
19JOSEPHHebrewGod will add, God will increase. Bible: in the Old Testament, the son of Jacob who came to rule Egypt; in the New Testament, the husband of Mary.3225
20SAMUELHebrewHeard God; asked of God. Bible: a famous Old Testament prophet and judge.3188
22DANIELHebrew"God is my judge" A prophet during the Babylonian Exile.3095
23MOHAMMEDArabicA form of Muhammad.2887
24ALEXANDERGreekDefender of mankind. history: Alexander the Great was the conqueror of the civilized world.2837
25MAXLatinA short form of Maximilian, Maxwell.2836
26LUCASGermanA form of Lucius.2793
27MASONFrenchStone worker.2724
29ISAACHebrewHe will laugh. Bible: the son of Abraham and Sarah.2569
30BENJAMINHebrewSon of me right hand.2532
31DYLANWelsh"The sea" Among famous people with this name include the poet Dylan Thomas.2393
32JAKEHebrewA short form of Jacob.2311
33EDWARDEnglish"Prosperous guardian" Noteworthy Edwards include senator Edward Moore Kennedy of Massachusetts and playwright Edward Albee, and actor Edward G. Robinson.2273
34FINLEYCeltic/GaelicFair Haired One.2154
35FREDDIEGermanA familiar form of Frederick.2089
36HARRISONEnglishLiterally meaning "son of Harry" Actor Harrison Ford.2038
39ZACHARYHebrewA familiar form of Zachariah.1780
40ADAMHebrew"Earth" According to the Bible, the first man. "Son of Adam" means "person".1761
41THEOEnglishA short form of Theodore.1759
42JAYDENHebrewA form of Jadon.1657
43ARTHURIrishOf English origin, it means "noble" or "bear" Famous Arthurs include King Arthur of the legendary Round Table, Sir Arthur Sullivan, composer of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, playwright Arthur Miller, and Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle.1559
44TOBYHebrewA familiar form of Tobias.1431
45LUKELatinA form of Lucius. Bible: companion os Saint Paul and author of the third Gospel ot the New Testament.1415
46LEWISWelshA form of Llewellyn.1329
47MATTHEWHebrewGift of God. Bible: author of the first Gospel of the new Testament.1319
48HARVEYGermanArmy warrior.1276
49HARLEYEnglishSpacious Meadow.1275
50DAVIDHebrewA name that means "beloved," it is the name of the second and greatest king of Israel.1248
51RYANIrish"Little king" Actor Ryan O' Neal made this name prominent.1234
52TOMMYHebrewA familiar form of Thomas.1207
53MICHAELHebrewWho resembles God?.1200
54REUBENHebrewBehold a son.1144
55NATHANHebrewA short form of Nathaniel. Bible: a prophet during the reigns of David and Solomon.1131
56BLAKEEnglishSignifies "dark".1083
57MOHAMMADArabicA form of Muhammad.1059
58JENSONScandinavianVariant of the Hebrew John 'Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor'.1055
59BOBBYEnglishA familiar form of Bob, Robert.1049
60LUCAItalianA form of Lucius.1034
62FRANKIEEnglishA familiar form of Frank.1024
63DEXTERLatinDexterous, adroit.1019
65ALEXGreekA short form of Alexander. A form of Alexandra.986
67LIAMIrish"Protection," it is another version of William. Rock star Liam Gallagher and actor Liam Neeson have made this name famous.973
68JAMIESpanishA form of Jacob.912
69ELIJAHHebrewA form of Eliyahu. Bible: a Hebrew prophet.908
70STANLEYEnglish"Stony meadow" Film director Stanley Kubrick and Laurel and Hardy's Stan Laurel.904
71LOUIEGermanA familiar form of Louis.868
72JUDELatinA short form of Judah, Judas. Bible: one of the Twelve Apostles, author of "The Epistle of Jude".867
74HUGOLatinA form of Hugh.842
75LEONFrenchA short form of Leonard.837
76ELLIOTEnglishCrime fighter Elliot Ness and actor Elliot Gould.829
77LOUISGerman"Famous battler" Celebrated men with this name include jazz giant Louis Armstrong and innovative chemist Louis Pasteur.827
78THEODOREGreekGift of God.822
79GABRIELHebrewDevoted to God. Bible: the angel of the Annunciation.818
80OLLIEEnglishA familiar form of Oliver.800
82FREDERICKGermanPeaceful ruler.766
83EVANIrish"Young warrior" Two famous people with this name are the American novelist Evan Hunter and jazz musician Evan Parker.723
84ELLIOTTEnglishA form of Elijah.722
85OWENIrish"Born to nobility, young warrior" Famous Owens include rising actor Owen Wilson and the professional wrestler Owen Hart.708
86TEDDYEnglishA familiar form of Theodore.698
87FINLAYIrishBlond-haired soldier.691
88CALEBHebrewDog; faithful.679
89IBRAHIMArabicA form of Abraham.677
90RONNIEScottishA familiar form of Ronald.671
91FELIXLatinFortunate;happy.See also Phelix,Pitin.666
92AIDENIrishA form of Aidan.665
93CAMERONScottishCrooked nose.659
94AUSTINLatinA short form of Augustine.657
96RORYGermanA familiar form of Roderick.652
97SETHHebrewAppointed. Bible: the third son of Adam.648
98ROBERTEnglishSignifies "bright fame" Among famous people with this name are American poet Robert Frost and television journalist Robert MacNeil.645
99ALBERTGermanNoble and bright.633
100SONNYEnglishA familiar form of Grayson.630

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