US Boy Names Top 100

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US boy names top 100.

We are delighted to bring you a collection of the US boy names top 100. This collection of names, origin and meanings comes straight from the social security archive and represents the number of baby boys born and registered within the United States during 2017.

1LiamIrish"Protection," it is another version of William. Rock star Liam Gallagher and actor Liam Neeson have made this name famous.18728
2NoahHebrewPeaceful, restful. Bible: the patriarch who built the ark to survive the Flood.18326
3WilliamEnglishA form of Wilhelm.14904
4JamesHebrewSupplanter, substitute. Bible: James the Great and James the Less were two of the Twelve Apostles.14232
6BenjaminHebrewSon of me right hand.13733
7MasonFrenchStone worker.13502
8ElijahHebrewA form of Eliyahu. Bible: a Hebrew prophet.13268
9OliverLatinOlive tree.13141
10JacobHebrew"The supplanter".13106
11LucasGermanA form of Lucius.12951
12MichaelHebrewWho resembles God?.12579
13AlexanderGreekDefender of mankind. history: Alexander the Great was the conqueror of the civilized world.12467
14EthanHebrewStrong; firm.12389
15DanielHebrew"God is my judge" A prophet during the Babylonian Exile.11640
16MatthewHebrewGift of God. Bible: author of the first Gospel of the new Testament.11611
17AidenIrishA form of Aidan.11259
18HenryGreekRuler of the household.10406
19JosephHebrewGod will add, God will increase. Bible: in the Old Testament, the son of Jacob who came to rule Egypt; in the New Testament, the husband of Mary.10360
20JacksonAmericanA familiar form of son of Jack.10356
21SamuelHebrewHeard God; asked of God. Bible: a famous Old Testament prophet and judge.10323
23DavidHebrewA name that means "beloved," it is the name of the second and greatest king of Israel.10124
24CarterEnglishCart driver.9753
25WyattFrenchLittle warrior.9661
26JaydenHebrewA form of Jadon.9495
27JohnHebrewGod is cracious. Bible: the name honorign John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.9434
28OwenIrish"Born to nobility, young warrior" Famous Owens include rising actor Owen Wilson and the professional wrestler Owen Hart.9312
29DylanWelsh"The sea" Among famous people with this name include the poet Dylan Thomas.9268
30LukeLatinA form of Lucius. Bible: companion os Saint Paul and author of the third Gospel ot the New Testament.9163
31GabrielHebrewDevoted to God. Bible: the angel of the Annunciation.9083
33IsaacHebrewHe will laugh. Bible: the son of Abraham and Sarah.8796
34GraysonEnglishBailiff's son.8640
35JackAmericanA form of Jacob or John. Actors Jack Oakie and Jack Nicholson, golf champion Jack Nicklaus, and jazz musician Jack Teagarten share this name.8419
36JulianLatinA form of Julius.8393
37LeviHebrewA son of Jacob and patriarch of the tribe of Levi, the priestly tribe.8367
38ChristopherGreekChrist-bearer. Religion: the patron saint of travelers.8255
39JoshuaHebrewGod is my salvation. Bible: led the Israelites into the Promised Land.8239
40AndrewGreekStrong; manly; courageous. Bible: one of the Twelve Apostles.8215
41LincolnEnglishSignifies "settlement by the pool" American author Lincoln Child wrote the bestseller The Relic.8146
42MateoSpanishA form of the name Matthew, meaning "God's gift" Sculptor Mateo Alonso.7726
43RyanIrish"Little king" Actor Ryan O' Neal made this name prominent.7652
44JaxonEnglishA form of Jackson.7649
45NathanHebrewA short form of Nathaniel. Bible: a prophet during the reigns of David and Solomon.7390
46IsaiahHebrewGod is my salvation. Bible: a Hebrew prophet.7165
47ThomasGreekTwin. Bible: one of the Twelve Apostles.7131
49CalebHebrewDog; faithful.7084
50JosiahHebrewFire of the Lord.6976
51ChristianGreekFollower of Christ.6968
53EliHebrewA name that means "up" or "light".6553
54JonathanHebrewGift of God. Bible: the son of King Saul who became a loyal friend of David.6471
56LandonEnglishOpen, grassy meadow.6326
58AsherHebrew"Happy," "blessed," or "rich" The son of Jacob and patriarch of the tribe of Asher.5991
59CameronScottishCrooked nose.5925
61TheodoreGreekGift of God.5911
62JeremiahHebrewGod will uplift.5815
63HudsonEnglishSon of Hud.5755
64RobertEnglishSignifies "bright fame" Among famous people with this name are American poet Robert Frost and television journalist Robert MacNeil.5507
65EastonEnglishEastern town.5486
66NolanIrish"Famous; noble" This name was made famous by record-setting pitcher Nolan Ryan.5375
67NicholasGreekVictorious people. Religion: Nicholas of Myra is a patron saint of children.5321
68EzraHebrew"Shelter" or "help" The name of a post-exilic prophet and the poet Ezra Pound.5290
69ColtonEnglishCoal town.5253
71BraydenEnglishA form of Braden.5138
72JordanHebrew"Descend" Supermodel Jordan follows the trend of single names among celebrities.5114
73DominicLatinBelonging to the Lord.5076
74AustinLatinA short form of Augustine.5024
75IanScottishA form of John.5002
76AdamHebrew"Earth" According to the Bible, the first man. "Son of Adam" means "person".4904
77EliasGreekA form of Elijah.4894
78JaxsonEnglishA form of Jackson.4820
79GreysonEnglishA form of Grayson.4819
80JoseSpanishDerived from the Hebrew name Joseph, which means "he will multiply".4775
81EzekielHebrewStrength of God. Bible: a Hebrew prophet.4721
82CarsonEnglishSon of Carr.4718
83EvanIrish"Young warrior" Two famous people with this name are the American novelist Evan Hunter and jazz musician Evan Parker.4709
85BrysonWelshSon of Brice.4633
86JaceAmericanA combination of the initials J. & C.4621
87CooperEnglishBarrel maker.4581
88XavierBasqueOwned of the new house.4468
89ParkerEnglishPark keeper.4346
90RomanLatinFrom Rome, Italy.4253
91JasonGreekHealer. Mythology: the hero who led the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece.4221
92SantiagoSpanishA form of the name James, meaning "supplanter".4188
94SawyerEnglishWood worker.4146
95GavinWelsh"White hawk" Notable people with this name include the novelist Gavin Maxwell.4134
96LeonardoItalianA form of Leonard.4113
97KaydenArabicA form of Kadin.3969
98AydenIrishA form of Aidan.3931
99JamesonEnglishSon of James.3907
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