Boys Name - Felix

Boys Name - Felix

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Origin & Meaning

The meaning of Felix is 'Fortunate;happy.See also Phelix,Pitin.' The name Felix comes from the Latin origin and is primarily given as a male name.

Famous Félixs

Félix Álvarez - Spanish presenter born in Spain on 26th May 1966

Felix Dean - Australian actor born in Australia on 27th June 1997

Felix Drake - British actor born in United Kingdom on 1st June 1992

Felix Engström - Swedish actor born in Sweden on 3rd September 1968

Félix Fernández - Spanish singer and songwriter born in Spain on 30th June 1977

Félix Gómez - Spanish actor born in Spain on 5th September 1977

Felix Huang - Hong Kong actor born in People's Republic of China on 4th September 1961

Felix Klare - German actor born in Germany on 12th October 1978

Felix Kramer - German actor born in Germany on 23rd March 1973

Felix Lundgren - Swedish actor born in Sweden on 1st December 1990

Felix Martin - German actor born in Germany on 5th November 1964

Félix Navarro - Spanish actor (1916-2003) born in Spain on 1st January 1916

Félix Sancho - Spanish motion picture and television actor born in Spain on 27th September 1936

Felix Smith - Danish actor born in Denmark on 12th October 1976


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