Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. If there is anything that is not covered and that you would like more information about please contact us.

1. How can I contact you?

There is a link at the bottom of our website underneath the "Information" heading. You can also click here to view the e-mail form on our contact page. The e-mail address is [email protected] if you would prefer to use your own e-mail application. We aim to respond to your questions and feedback within approx. 24-48 working hours and do recommend that you look in your spam/junk e-mail folder in case it does not arrive straight away.

2. I have found a mistake in one of the names, origins or meanings. How should I report it?

Our database of baby names is very large and we try our best to make sure the information is accurate including the grammar, spelling and meanings. There may be some cases where mistakes have been made and if you do spot one we would ask that you please let us know, using the contact form, so that we can fix it straight away.

3. What are the baby charts?

Inspired by our own experiences; we have produced a range of baby charts, that can be printed and framed, that present the information about your babies birth. Every chart has the name filled in and you can personalise the chart with height, length, weight, time of birth, place of birth etc. for use in your nursery. New designs will be coming soon, so keep checking back.

4. Do I need to be aware of any copyright or licensing terms for the downloads?

Every download/purchase from Baby Boys Names is available for personal use with no restrictions on how you use or edit the image. Downloads and Purchases from Baby Boys Names can not be used for commercial purposes so you must not resell our products without the consent of Baby Boys Names.

5. If I purchase a baby chart what will I receive?

The baby charts are downloaded in a Zip archive which contain variations of the design and layout. The files are named to help you understand the differences between the images. For example a day time and night time version of some baby charts is provided where a sun or moon icon will be coloured in for you ready to draw the time onto the clock face.


As well as the design, we also include several file formats to help you choose the best way to share or print your image. These include, jpeg, png and pdf copies of each design. They are sized for printing on A4 paper (See "How do I print the baby chart?" for more tips.

6. How do I download a baby chart that I have purchased?

When you make a purchase an account will be created for you on our website. You can login to your account using the e-mail address and password that you created when signing up. Once logged in, you will see a Downloads link in the "My Account" page where you can view the baby charts you have purchased and download the file to your device. These links do not expire so you will be able to log back in at any time if you need another copy.

7. How do I print the baby chart?

The baby charts are provided in high resolution ready to be printed on A4 paper. We recommend using premium photo paper to get the best results. You have various options of paper so it can be worth looking at the different options for example there is glossy or matte finish paper. Paper weight can also make a big difference to the finish and is referred to as the GSM rating.


It may be worth considering using a printing service if you would like to make sure you get the best results possible. We will be introducing a printing option which be directly available from Baby Boys Names and will be available as an optional extra. More information about this service will be displayed on our website once it is ready.

8. How do I fill in the details on the baby chart?

There are a few options for filling in the baby chart. If you are comfortable with image editing then you can use your preferred software package to draw the text into the relevant places prior to printing. You may otherwise choose to print the image first and hand write the text onto the chart. Be aware that you may need to use a softer marker type pen depending on the type and quality of paper you have chosen to print the chart onto.


In addition to providing a printing service, we will shortly be offering a service to fill in the baby chart too. More information will be displayed on the website once it is ready.

9. Can I get the baby chart in another colour or style?

At the moment there is a limit to the colour scheme and layout of the baby charts. However we will be introducing new colour schemes and styles in the near future. With each update, existing customers will have the option to download these new designs at no extra cost. We will notify when they become available and will update the existing archives so that you can easily access them using the download link in your account.


It is possible to change the colour scheme of your original download by altering the colour "hue" in an image editing software package and we highly recommend giving this a try if you already own an image editor and feel comfortable doing so.


In some case we may introduce new designs that we choose to release as premium products and these will be made available as separate products that will not be available as part of your original purchase.

10. Do you offer a printing service for baby chart purchases?

We are currently testing a printing service that will allow us to offer printed copies of the baby charts. As soon as we are ready an option will be added to the checkout. Extra fees will apply which will be able to reveal at the time the service is ready. More information about this service will be displayed on our website at that time.

11. What payment options do you accept?

Purchases from Baby Boys Names can be made using a Paypal account. Don't worry if you do not already have an account; you can choose to create one at the checkout or you can choose to pay with a credit/debit card through the Paypal payment gateway instead.

12. Do you accept refunds?

Due to the nature of copyright and because our products are available as an instant download they are not covered by the distance selling regulation. We do not offer refunds for purchases made in this manner however if there is a problem with the image you have purchased we ask that you contact us and we will be able to help you resolve this.